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State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) is the sovereign wealth fund of the Sultanate of Oman which acts on behalf of the government in managing and investing the financial surplus achieved by the state from Oil and Gas revenues.

Historical Milestones


The establishment of State General Reserve Fund pursuant to Royal Decree 1/1980


Raising of the administrative level of the investment unit into an independent department specializing in the financial markets and currencies and government bonds


Establishment of Oman National Investment company (Tanmia) a local initiative


The first direct investment in real estate after the acquisition of Regent Wharf property in London, United Kingdom


First type of direct investment of the fund in Private Equity by acquisition of 6.1% of AWAS shares. AWAS is an Irish company operating in the aviation field.


Establishment of Vietnam Oman Investment (VOI)


Establishment of Oman Brunei Investment Company


Establishment of the Uzbek Oman Investment Joint Venture (UOI)


Establishment of Oman India Joint Investment Fund (OIJIF)


Issuance of Royal Decree number 28/2012 appointing Abdulsalam Al Murshidi as Executive President of SGRF


  • Approving the regulation and corporate governance of the fund
  • Expansion of the short -term assets portfolio to cover deposits in local banks
  • Expanding the global bond portfolio to include emerging markets and instruments (sukuk)
  • Approving the SGRF new organizational structure
  • Formation of Asset Management Department
  • Formation of specialized departments for Risk & Compliance, Internal Audit and Corporate Communications


  • Approving the investment strategy of the fund and taking local initiatives aiming to promote and motivate projects that have strategic dimensions through partnerships with international economic groups in various industrial, service, and logistics fields


  • First direct investment in mining field with the acquisition of a %29 stake in Kenmare Resources, that specializes in mining of heavy minerals like titanium, ilmenite and zircon in Mozambique
  • Opening of first international Representative Office in Dar es Salam, Capital of Tanzania

Our Investments
SGRF invests in more than 25 countries worldwide.The fund allocates between 65%-%-85% of its assets in Public Markets (tradable) and between15% - 35% in Private Markets (non-tradable).


The average annual returns has
reached 7.1% since establishment


Assets Targeted Distribution Minimum Rate Maximum Rate
The total circulated assets 70 65 85
Shares 35 25 45
Bonds 20 10 30
Short term assets 15 10 40
The total non-circulated assets 30 15 35
Private ownership 25 10 25
Properties 15 5 15

Our Global Footprint

Geographical Distribution of Assets

  • Developed America 30%
  • Emerging America 2%
  • Developed Europe 28%
  • Emerging Europe 6%
  • Emerging Asia 7%
  • Emerging Middle East & Africa 5%
  • Pacific Asia 9%
  • Other Countries 13%

SGRF is passionate about recruiting, developing and retaining talented Omanis, to cultivate them into future leaders. Our investment strategy relies, above all, on the quality and experience of our professionals.

Governance & Transparency

SGRF has a juristic personality and an independent financial status. It is regulated and supervised by the Financial Affairs and Energy Resources Council (FAERC). The governance structure of SGRF consists of the following governing bodies:

  • SGRF Regulative Body
  • Investment Committee
  • SGRF Board of Directors
  • Human Resources Committee
  • Audit Committee:
  • Tenders Committee
  • Management Committee (MC)
  • IT Committee

Get In Touch

State General Reserve Fund

Beach One Building - Level 5
Shati Al Qurum P.O Box 188,
Muscat P.C 100, Sultanate of Oman
T: +968 2474 5100
Whistle Blowing Hot Line: (+968) 24745700

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