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SGRF celebrates Omani Women Day

 In recognition of their achievements and accomplishments, State General Reserve Fund (SGRF) joined in the nation-wide celebrations of Omani Women Day which coincides with the 17th of October every year, with a half-day function held at its premises in Qurum. The ceremony this time around, hosted Honourable Dr. Badria bint Ibrahim Al Shehhi, Director of the Preparatory Studies Centre at Sultan Qaboos University, and member of the State Council, who engaged the audience in a colourful discussion on the role Omani women play in development and the challenges they face between state justice and social barriers. The discussion also tackled the Omani man's role in empowering women in social and professional levels, while emphasizing on the numerous achievements Omani women have accomplished since the dawn of the renaissance. An accompanying exhibition by 3 female craftswomen from the Public Authority for Craft Industries was also set up to showcase the different handicraft creations by Omani female artists who joined SGRF in celebrating the day. The ceremony was attended by SGRF female staff, and a group of senior officials.

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